Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truths and Fairy Tales

Say all is right with the world:
It's such a beautiful lie,
Why should it not
With pearly wings
And trumpets
From a blue, blue sky?

Say you know the truth:
It's such a fabulous lie,
Why should it not
Announce itself
With a sequined dress,
A coach,
And four footmen?

Say you didn't mean to:
Now that's just squalid,
Divine intervention and
Fairy tale splendour
Will not mask
The ugliness
Of that lizard

A..J. Ponder - author page

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  1. What a fabulous last line - the lizard really packs a punch. The integration of the fairytale/mythical element works so well with the discussion of truth. Thanks for posting, Alicia.

  2. Intriguing ... but does the lizard get bad press? :)

  3. Cheers Elizabeth and Helen -
    and definitely - the lizard gets bad press - should have seen all the cute lizard pictures I went through to get this one! :)