Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Please note this is a shape poem so it shows up weirdly when squished so please click on the title.

We all heard
Humpty take his fall
Shattering glass shell everywhere
Yolk busting out and wise men bustling.
All those regal horses rather got in the way
So that when I tried to put him back together
All that was left of the man was a fat cat licking
the ground where he'd fallen,
 and smashed shards
gleaming white in the sun.

Dutifully I fixed the cracks
 Humpty is now
Held together
With glue
And money
And yet when I peek inside
The yolk is gone.

A.J. Ponder

Not being much of one for analysis, make of this as you will.  Updating Humpty Dumpty with modern adhesives has worked a treat - after all I think it's a bit outdated to be relying on King's horses and King's men to do our dirty work.

A.J. Ponder

A.J. Ponder's work is available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, and good Wellington bookstores

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