Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lake Taupo

Howl's lake echoes sky
Castles built in the mind's eye
Morgan's caldera
A.J. Ponder

yes, there's a story to go with the Haiku - I was travelling back from Auckland today with three teenage girls (and a Vogel award) and they happened to be discussing that Lake Taupo looked just like a spot in Dianna Wynne Jones' very popular book, "Howl's moving castle."

 Of course - I'm quite useless at pulling out my camera - even though the scene looked so pretty - partly because my brain kept on telling me there was no way we could really capture that wonderful panoramic on the spot view and partly drivers stress.  Hopefully I'll post a shot of the mountains from desert road - or something from our trip up.  Anyway, it was a fun journey - and I've rather enjoyed the wordplay in this - although I was rather sad not to be able to put in "Dianna's caldera" for the obvious reason that there is one too many syllables and it just didn't quite work - so then I thought it would be fun to give that honour to Howl's son - Morgan.  Hopefully he'll remember to look after it!!!

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 A.J. Ponder

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