Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Giveaway and this and that

Apologies, there is no poem up this week or next - I am madly trying to set myself up with the skills a self publisher/advertiser should have- namely being able to work Indesign to a reasonable standard.  And trying to compile an anthology.

But in the meantime why not enter the draw on Goodreads for a free Wizard's Guide to Wellington

Also this week I discovered that I am a finalist in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards - only problem is Wizard's Guide is up against some really awesome authors like Juliet Marillier and Rachael King in the Youth Novel Category.  The Full list is here.  But it's awesome just to get in - I was very excited  - and just as excited that my short story, Dying for the Record also made it!!!

So apologies fellow poets and lovers of poetry for not posting a poem today - but I did contribute to the completed communal Tuesday Birthday Poem, "Scratch"?  Definitely the best yet, and if you'll excuse the pun, it strikes all the right notes and is well worth the read. So why not check it out?


A.J. Ponder's books are available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, Paper Plus and good Wellington bookstores.


  1. I took a week off too, Alicia, using the group poem as an excuse, even though I wrote my stanza on day three!

    Congratulations on your nomination.

    1. Thankyou Penelope.

      Good on you. Us writers have to save some time and energy for actually writing - but I liked the way you did it - nice.