Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Kraken by Alfred Tennyson

A quick note, this week I am the editor of the Tuesday Poem,  with Keith Westwater's Poem, "Resiliance", so if you want to find out more about why I like it, or about Keith Westwater, then click on the link - or take no heed of the warning and follow me into the treacherous deeps...

Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge sea-worms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

Found this while looking up random London myths, legends, alchemists etc in an effort to do a little pre-research "Wizard's Guide to London. And came across - "And dross to gold with glorious alchemy,"  It  wasn't quite the direction I was looking for - although it was very useful - otherwise I'd have had nothing to post today.  :)

 So much great stuff to work with - I'm only getting more and more excited by the idea - but the goal really has to be making enough money from Wizard's Guide to actually go and visit London itself.

Have a great week folks


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PS It amuses me to think that Lord Alfred Tennyson, and quite a few celebrated literary poets from the past wrote a fair amount of fanatasy/scifi/speculative fiction :) 


  1. There's certainly a speculative element in 'Locksley Hall', too, Alicia. Thanks for posting this.

    Cthulhu before Cthulhu, and so well done.

    1. Cheers Penelope, I'm pleased it wasn't jsut me that saw the Lovecraftian aspect of this one :)