Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Tuesday Poem

there is no Tuesday Poem
not here
no words about the weather
no exuberant escape
no tales of branches smashed on cars
water washing beaches onto the street
and time spent in the dark

Because this is the morning
and in time, the wind eases
and the sun comes out
it always does
pulling everything into stark relief


Storms happen, this poem was more about the aftermath - I hope you're all having a better week than some of the poor souls catching the worst of this storm


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  1. Makes me vaguely ashamed to have had a cheerful whinge about the weather, Alicia.

    The idea of a beach washed onto a street is strangely compelling.

    1. thanks for dropping by - and you know a cheerful whinge about the weather is what brings communities together - it's practically a national passtime - so please don't feel guilty. Really I was just having a (possibly not so)cheerful whinge about being too stressed to have a cheerful whinge about the weather with my son in hospital (BTW he's doing really well so fingers crossed) And yes, a beach washed onto a street is strangely compelling and not in the natural order of things, so of course it had to barge its way into my poem uninvited ;)

  2. A very clever poem which purports to be not posted and yet is? tricky!

    1. Cheers, I'm not so sure about clever - I wasn't going to post - except some lame excuse - and it just happened... Was going to go to great lengths explaining things - but you're right, I kinda do like that - "this is not a post" feel for this one :)

  3. I was expecting a blank page but this poem blown by the wind and the rain...and now made stark and clear by the sun...I really like.

    1. Cheers Helen - a blank page - now that would have been clever - it was meant to be an excuse page - but I was too stupid to write an excuse. (or use a blank page - possibly in picture form? - In fact maybe we can both keep that in mind for a too hard to post poetry day ;) Mine will be - "The Empty Slate" )

      Still, I'm really pleased you like it - although it's somewhat frightening how the piece worked itself out - even to the point of pulling itself together at the end :)

  4. I really like it, Alicia -- glad you made it through ok, as well.