Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish you all the best in the New Year.  Here's to 2014. May it bring you health and happiness.

A quick recap of my highlights of 2013
Gino's make up demonstration at Rona Gallery.  (Particularly important because I got paid for all the hard work inolved in the White Cloud Worlds Exhibition with Gino's amazing original digital print of "The Angelic Reaper")

What else?
First equal with Eileen Mueller in the Northwrite Collaboration competition with our short story and poem Ahi .  That was pretty exciting.

And of course the nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for Wizard's Guide to Wellington and Dying for the Record.  

So professionally it's been a great year, personally though it's been rather horrible, so all I can say is roll on 2014.  With a new house (very soon), a new book (hopefully by the end of the year) and new energy, what can I say but hope to see you again on the 21st of Jan after the big move, and a special thanks to all my readers and everyone who has been so supportive, including Helen MCKinlay of gurglewords, Mary McCallum of O Audacious Book, Michelle Elvy of Glow Worm, and really, all the poets of the Tuesday Poetry Blog.
cheers :)

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