Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twisty Christmas Tales...

 Yes, it's been a twisty old journey this year, but it's nice to see something come out of it all, and helping write and edit this book has been a really fun experience.  It's one of the many hush hush projects that have kept me busy - my only apology is it isn't poetry  &

for now it's just an ebook - but I have plans...

A.J. Ponder 


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What will Santa put under your tree this Christmas? A present that growls? A battered old bike? Or wings to fly?
Twisty Christmas Tales —ten crazy Christmas adventures for the whole family! Christmas in outer space or at the beach, carolling gone wrong, a strange elf creating havoc in Santa’s workshop, monsters running amok, and a junior mad scientist who turns Christmas into chaos.
Come along for the sleigh ride of your life, as these Twisty Tales weave their festive magic .
This Christmas anthology contains ten fantasy and science fiction short stories for children of all ages, written by three New Zealand award-winning authors, Peter Friend, Eileen Mueller, Alicia Ponder.

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