Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To the Sea


To the Sea

Green Tears fall beneath the willow tree,
I lie beyond that veil of tears,
If you should look for me

The softest rain falls from above,
The river runs below,
Wherever it is running I will surely go

So look not to the cold hard earth,
The oceans they will hide me,
I will hold my true love's hand and she will walk beside me.

A..J. Ponder
With the death over the Christmas break of noteable Tuesday poet Harvey McQueen,  whose anthology "These I Have Loved," only came out this year.  I felt there needed to be something appropriate so I have posted the poem I wrote at the funeral of my Grandfather.  It seemed apposite.  Harvey's bravery in the face of serious illness, and ability to work through reminded me rather of my grandfather, and the watery theme also seemed appropriate.  

Best wishes for the new year everyone, and especially for all those who have lost loved ones over Christmas. 

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