Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Poem wherefore art thou

Not only have I mislaid  Tuesday -
But I've mislaid it twice, or more depending on your point of view.  To mak eit worse I've somehow managed to mislay the poem that I intended to post today as well....

So what is happening?

Well, I'm busy trying to get myself organised and submit stories and/or poems to anthologies.  There was Baby Teeth, not so long ago, and the lovely Eastbourne Anthology being launched on Thrusday 5th December (2013)


So that's it folks, I like to think I can post through everything - even Christmas but seriously it's just impossible with so many things happening at the moment. There are at least two more anthologies I need to try my hand at - and Mike's having what will hopefully be a conclusive test at Wellingotn hospital that will enable him to get the correct treatment for his condition.

So, many appologies but this is going to be a long Christmas break.  Will be back in February - after I've moved house...

Look after yourselves,
missing the poetry...