Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Magical Mystery Tour

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Today - by my special guest "Billionaire Overlord"

I'm making the millions
and the billions
and it's all thanks to you

The roads you built
the rail,
the airports,
the whole kit and caboodle

The babies you raised
the workers you educated
the internet you invented
and built, and funded...

And all around me are the people who work for me
the police 
the firefighters
the teachers
the judges
even the politicians - but hey, I do pay them -

just enough
so that they make sure you pay for me


Your Billionaire Overlord

And whatever you do don't watch this video...

Note from A.J. 

Yes, I'm angry. Stuff NZ  published an article that had someone equate raising taxes on the highest tax bracket cuts. So this is my response. "Taxes. taxes, taxes...all the rest is bull****" Because our common good is disappearing, and for what?

Here's a group of American billionaires who agree:  Because this isn't about envy, it's about facts. It's about making politicians work for everyone, and it's about using our amazing technology. not to destroy the world, but to create a better one.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Through the Looking Glass

We dropped down the rabbit hole
to a enigmatically fluid

Reach out and touch the screen - can you feel it?

All the Mad Hatters and tea parties
and Cheshire cats

Through the rattle of keys on your keyboard - can you hear it?

The march of the cards
of the Queen of Heart's

If we could just lift a glass - can you taste it?

We're lost in the looking glass
where "Drink me" is

So empty.

And the looking glass
is full.

A.J. Ponder
Well, I could say what this poem is about, but we're really living it right now, aren't I'll just let it stand. I hope everyone is well out there. I've, as always been busy writing, but this one just came to me while at CoNZealand while struggling with the online interface.

It's too fresh to know what I think about it yet, but I hope you enjoy! :) Have fun peeps. Hope to see you around sometime in the real world, and if not, in the virtual one  :)

Kia kaha

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Quick Poem - Twitter Challenge - SandGlass People

Sometimes twitter holds little challenges
So, I thought I'd whip up a quick poem:

SandGlass People

Or, if you can't see the tweet - the poem is below. :)
Thanks for stopping by,
(PS if you liked this poem, you might also like Time Wyrm)

This is but a shadow
of the precious moments
into our hearts

fragile moments
that can be lost forever
between one breath and the next

Monday, June 22, 2020

The Secret Story - a Cinderella Story that's as crafty as the secret meaning of Fairy Tales

Apparently, I'm very good at keeping secrets. It's a special skill, so take notice when I, I'm not saying anything about my crafty story. Or how the secret meaning of fairy tales is shadowed in secrecy and allegory. Or even what knitting & tatting have to do with any of it, because, well - it's a secret.😉

The Secret Story Blurb:

A horde of rats
A coven of witches desperate to stay hidden
Free on Bookfunnel until August 14
A ball to die for—a ball that must remain secret at any cost

As a smithy’s daughter, Amarinda can only dream of going to the ball. But Amarinda’s daydreaming must end when her father is injured and she discovers her family is in debt to the evil crime lord Lady Dragonheart.

The harder Amarinda tries to help her family, the more she’s drawn into a hidden world of witches and power—and caught up in Lady Dragonheart’s schemes to steal the ‘cook book’ Amarinda needs to heal her father, infiltrate the Avondale ball, and seize the kingdom.

Will Amarinda’s father survive the night? Will she get to dance with the prince? And who will be turned into a rat? Find out by reading this secret story of a not-quite Cinderella, whose closest thing to a fairy godmother is, alas, old Granny Earwax.

The Secret Story is free on Bookfunnel until its release on Amazon. I'm hoping I can get some early reviews. So, if you like reading free books, please pick it up  here and consider leaving a review one of the paid sites below. You can choose whether you want to sign up to my newsletter or not.

The Secret Story is also going wide, you can pick up a copy for 99c on most platforms using this D2D link

That's all for now, folks, 

If you want to check out some fairy-tale poetry to fit the fairytale book theme, why not check out my "Portal to Fairy Tale Poetry" here. 

A.J. Ponder

Friday, June 5, 2020

Have you seen the news

Have you heard the news today?
oh boy
there were armed troopers in the streets
and it was more than sad
they didn't care the world was watching


I saw the photograph
broken arms and blinded eyes
and if we should get to the heart
of how many dollars does it take
to fill a rich man's chest?
yes, it's really for the best
if we don't know

Have you seen the news today?
oh boy
all the eyes have lost and Standing Rock
was just a test
look how many people must be blinded 
for the world to see

the sky is falling

And yes, it's been so fast
and it's taken so long
they sold us out for just a song
a pretty tale of freedom and
while we stood and stared
someone took their last...

You'd think
we'd be aware
but we've simply
turned away
there is no,
there is no news today


And that's the poem I wrote in the middle of last night, because the tune for the Beatles song "A Day in the Life" broke into my head.

Because sometimes it really does feel like the sky is falling. But unlike Standing Rock, people are watching. There are too many people to ignore, all risking their lives for freedom, not just the fake freedom to die, but the freedom to stand up against hate, systematic racism and creeping fascism.

Do not forget this moment.

We can go back to "normal" or we can change the world.

"It didn't need to be like this" Dr. Rev. Barber on Democracy Now. You might know him as the guy who brought back MLK's poor people's campaign, "Fight for Fifteen" and June 20th poor people's digital march on DC.

Friday, May 8, 2020

"The Zed Bubble Plot" or "Stay on Your Couch For Your Country" (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

The Zed Bubble Plot

Or Stay on Your Couch for Your Country (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

All across the world, a fever was spreading
Called Covid 19, the pandemic was heading
Through Asia, America, Belgium and France
It seemed nothing would stop its relentless advance

Soon word came to the Zedders, it was heading their way
Coronavirus, Viruses, Germs, Bacterial, BacteriumAnd they looked to each other and said - not today! 
We Zeds down in Zedville like living a lot 

So the Zeds all got to work, and they all hatched a plot

From the North to the South the call could be heard
Keep to your bubbles and don't be absurd
Sit on your couch for your country, or exercise a lot
But stay in your bubbles & be thankful for what we've got

Keep your family close - and if they're alone -
Be sure to give Granny or Gramps a call on the phone
And whatever you do - do whatever you must
But stick to these rules and keep your fellow Zedders' trust:

Sit on your couch for your country, and wash your hands - a whole awful lot
Stay in your bubbles and don't be a twat
And soon, very soon, we'll get our economy spinning
But until then, let's beat the virus - because living is winning

And when all the Zed's down in Zedville have got that curve squashed
We'll go back to our lives, with hands beautifully washed
And so with our bubbles will be as clean as can be
Soon we'll be able to yell hip, hip horay, we're covid 19 free

The Secret Story Sylvalla Chronicles
Free novella prequel available now from bookfunnel
Yes, it's been a while. Obviously this is loosely in the style of Horton Hears a Who, because I'm lazy like that, and I can't help but think we're all as reliant on JoJo following the rules as the speck of dust that was Whoville. Also, there's the WHO, I know it's not actually mentioned, but ideas are weird like that.

I actually started it at the beginning of L3 and it almost ended up in the dumpster, like so many of my "started" poems, but I thought, what the heck why not finish this one. :)

Thanks for dropping by, now I've finished my last planned book in the Sylvalla Chronicles, I'm hoping to be posting here more often. But there are no guarantees!!!

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