Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday Poem: The Old Horse

The Old Horse

Unfortunately this old horse doesn't know when it's beaten.

Taking to the arena like an old man
with a broken adamantine sword
and the truth of
a misspent

Fortunately this horse keeps running all the way to the knackers

It's easier this way, saves the trouble of rounding up
all Medusa's zealously ignorant friends
their smiles long since
turned to

Unfortunately this old horse stumbles, broken winded, an object of ridicule

There is a truth like a rock in its shoe
the final gun a pebble
lost in many
layers of


Another cheery poem. But never mind, some really exciting news next week - at least for me, so until then, have a great week and why not check out all the other fab poems up on the Tuesday Blog

P.S. To find out more about this poem check out DYADIC DISEQUILIBRIUM AND THE ALTERNATION OF DEBT: EPISTLES 1.1 or maybe suggest to me some other, better posts about Horace, or at least the work attributed to him, if you know the meantime, this cobbled together extract isn't quite the same as flogging a dead horse...but it is written in a dead language ;)

Prima dicte mihi, summa dicende Camena,
spectatum satis et donatum iam rude quaeris,
Maecenas, iterum antique me includere ludo...

...‘solve senescentem mature sanus equum, ne

peccet ad extremum ridendus et ilia ducat.’...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Counting Down to Sanity

Mike Ponder Rona Gallery
Looking forward to all the big projects being over, Phantom Feather Press has reached it's PledgeMe total, the Rona Gallery has been declared officially open and looks gorgeous, I've just got a few more i's to dot and t's to cross, before returning back to poetry, in the meantime here are some pictures of Rona Gallery on opening night.

Next time...I'll have a picture of the galley proof of Phantom Feather Press' new book "The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales" that's sitting by my computer...if not the actual book itself.

Be well, 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Monsters:

Mrs Mo's Monster Paul BeavisFor the Little Monsters:

I had a little monster
as monstrous as can be
I gave it bread and honey
in front of the tv

it grew a bluish colour
with eyes of scarlet red
so I took my little monster
and put it down to bed

I had a little monster
it howled all through the night

To be continued.... hopefully (a little bit stuck!)

Been very busy with The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales PledgeMe and also with the Rona Gallery opening - doing things like organising newsletters and promotion for the re-opening of Rona Gallery. Looking forward to Gino Acevedo opening the evening, his art is pretty amazing - and also pretty monstrous, which totally fits today's monster theme! :)

Have fun and check out the other offerings at The Tuesday Poem, I wish I had the time...soon though...And really looking forward to it. :)


Friday, October 10, 2014

I can finally reveal something of the scale of my latest project...

The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales

We're on our way into the unknown....but The Best of Twisty Christmas is live so why not check us out at Hurry Santa, and dont be late! :) We have also, to my vast delight picked up a charity that we (we being the team at Phantom Feather Press, Eileen, Peter and myself) can all wholeheartedly support, The Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand.  I'm so happy, it's been fun doing this anthology, but it will be fantastic to give back a little to such a deserving community. Check them out at