Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring Melt

The wind tells me
there's snow on the grey hills
behind the misty morning fog
it's brisk and ever so fresh
out where the mountain daisies are pushing up from the crags.

Close your eyes,
there's wind in the snow in the crags on the mountains
past the ocean's divide
past the Canterbury plains
up the perilous slopes -
to the top of the world
where spring
against the wind and the snow in the crags on the mountains -
listen well
before spring dies
in the warm winds
of change.

A.J. Ponder

It's been a busy week.  Lots of writing.  Lots of walking out by the waterfront and feeling spring in the air.  Of course it's always nice to the mountain peaks of the South island, especially when there's a bit of snow on them - but that isn't always possible.  Even so - I can see them in my mind's eye - calling out across the harbour.  I hope everybody is enjoying the change of season.  

For more poetry why not check out the Tuesday blog here - and its fantastic blog roll on the side bar.  So many wonderful poems.   So many awesome writers - it's always such a joy to drop by and see what they've all been up to. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alicia's World of Warcraft Poem

It seems a certain game
you bring my poem
past the dangers
of war
through death and
through danger
to complete your quest
in a world

This is not the truth.

I require
only that
you wend your way
through my reality
along the stony path
past the troll
of misunderstandings
to the mountain of disbelief.
If you stand there
upon the tip of your toes
you'll see the world
as it never was.

This is not the truth

For in my world realities sail
bright as ships on a shining sea -
only slightly beyond the pixelated
blood, sweat and tears
of conformity.
So take those words back -
if you can -
past the horrors of war
through death and
through danger
to complete your quest
in a world
as real as

A.J. Ponder

It has come to my attention (P.S. never google your name and poem - it can be a pretty hair raising experience)  that there is a certain quest in Warcraft that requires taking "Alicia's Poem" from somewhere to somewhere else.  Presumably.  

-- I had to include this - in my comments Tim Jones outlined the true origin of the World of Warcraft poem - it's such a touching story, the death of a player inspired writers of the game to create this quest - and the poem to go with it - the real "Alicia's Poem" can be found here.  Try not to cry.

And I thought, as any poet might (at least after the initial dicombobulation), that there had to be an actual poem in there...somewhere.    Enjoy, have fun, and don't forget there are more worlds of poetry waiting for you...

A.J. Ponder

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ode to the World Cup while doing the Washing

Let the men kick pigskin.
For what is it about life
that cannot be learnt
out on the field?

Take it on the chin
after all everyone wants a knock-out.
Show no mercy
it's always in short supply.
Take the opposition down -
go for the legs:
Below the belt is always the best way
to trip someone up.

Kiss butt
and team together,
run with the pack
or get eaten
I mean beaten.
With shades of running into a brick wall - and stringing it wide

Let the games begin
Let the All Blacks win
Let the men kick-

A.J. Ponder

I was in fact doing the washing, and in my own terribly unpatriotic way, not particularly looking forward to the world cup - sorry, and yes, for non-New Zealanders, that's the rugby world cup - when some rugby phrases popped into my head.  You can't live here without hearing them.

So then I started thinking about what those phrases might mean and what the broader impact of rugby in the community might be, in a more than slightly unfair way - because where's the impact in being fair?  Besides otherwise I would have mentioned "play hard, play fair" and all the positive features of hosting a world cup.  Like gosh, wasn't Wales v. South Africa a great match?  And all the wonderful visitors dropping in from all around the world.  OK fine.  I hope everyone has a great time, enjoys the rugby, and remembers that taking it on the chin is actually a great expression - so long as some idiot (sorry, that was me) doesn't decide to take it literally.

So have fun, and remember the best way to watch the word cup is from another room ;) - Preferably with the computer set to check out the poems on my blog ;)

A.J. Ponder

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Sleeping Beauty, by Sir Alfred Tennyson

Year after year unto her feet,
She lying on her couch alone,
Across the purpled coverlet,
The maiden's jet-black hair has grown,
On either side her tranced form
Forth streaming from a braid of pearl:
The slumbrous light is rich and warm,
And moves not on the rounded curl.

The silk star-broider'd coverlid
Unto her limbs itself doth mould
Languidly ever; and, amid
Her full black ringlets downward roll'd,
Glows forth each softly-shadow'd arm,
With bracelets of the diamond bright:
Her constant beauty doth inform
Stillness with love, and day with light.

She sleeps: her breathings are not heard
In palace chambers far apart.
The fragrant tresses are not stirr'd
That lie upon her charmed heart.
She sleeps: on either hand upswells
The gold-fringed pillow lightly prest:
She sleeps, nor dreams, but ever dwells
A perfect form in perfect rest.

Another Fairy Tale poem, boy am I a sucker for the old-fashioned stuff!  The way it rolls off the tongue, its beautiful (apparent) simplicity.  And of course as a fairy tale cover, it will be a lovely addition to my Fairy Tale portal

A.J. Ponder

A.J. Ponder's work is available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, and good Wellington bookstores