Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Silver Sword

you are a silver sword
with which to slay the dragons.
For though their heads are many
and I cannot take them all
we can share the cutting truth
will you hear its clarion call?

from all around the world
as women we have spoken. (And men too! And non-binary, but this is a poem!)
We'll cut through the serpent's lies
knowing each is but a token,
then we'll take the fight to the Wyrms of greed
and dance as each head falls.

A.J. Ponder

A slightly more traditional offering this week, even if it's still within a certain theme. Apologies for using every synonym for dragon - because of the different flavour each has. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Have a great week, and stay strong. And remember, as Thom Hartman says, #democracy is not a spectator sport.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Will Not Yeild - William Shakespeare Butchered

Yield thee, coward,
Your juggling fiends no more believed,
That palter with us in a double sense,
That keep the word of promise to our ear,
And break it to our hope. 

Yield thee, coward,
Or be sure to be expos'd
And live to be the show and gaze o' th' time.
We’ll have thee, painted on a pole, and underwrit,
“See the tyrant.”
Yield thee, coward,
For until then, I will not yield,
Or be baited with the rabble’s curse.
And thou opposed, 
I will try to the last. 
I will not yield.

A.J. Ponder
Was looking for rebel poetry, but couldn't quite find what I wanted. So had a little play with the Scottish play. :)
Have a great week, and if you're protesting (The Women's March is this weekend in 386 places around the world), stay safe. http://resources.womensmarch.com/  https://www.acludc.org/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/aclu_8.5_x_11_trifold_v21.pdf
And remember non-violent protests have been shown to be significantly more effective, unfailing politeness is a weapon to be marshaled, because we need to change hearts and minds.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Have you heard the news?

If you're reading my blog at the moment this will be a horribly familiar theme.
Anyone can make a stand - not just Meryl Streep in her Golden Globes 2017 speech. But on the phones, in the street -banding with friends and doing whatever needs to be done for human rights environmental needs, and democratic principles.  Corporate interests have shown money will trump all, and they're framing the debate. They tell us that we're not powerful and we can't change the world - well, that's only right if they can keep you at home and ignoring politics because you feel powerless. So...

Have you heard the
Do you know?
Where you were
democracy died?
the free world fell?

Have you seen the news
What did you choose?
Where the f*ck were you
the lies flew
And before we knew
The meme had set

Did you see #maga become #masa
Make America Scared Again
And all because
We forgot it's our job
To stand up to power
And make the world a better place.

Have you seen the
Do you know?
Where you were
the free vote fell?
Did you see?
Jim Crow raised his head
Did you raise your voice?
Or did you watch him
Tear the vote
From the poor
The huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free?

Now you can choose to sing
Everything is
To drown out
Or you can stand against
The entity that is corporate greed
And demand our world back.

Where are you?
The world is falling.


Right, and lets get to it. What can we do?

Well, I have only one thing to say- Are you Ready? okay nobody's really ready for "interesting times"
But small things can make a huge difference. Here's a piece from Ecowatch. 6 Lessons Learned Fighting Oppressive Regimes While Trying to Protect People and Planet.
We can do this.

If we stand for truth, human rights, and the environment, and try to make a tiny difference for at least one of those we can make this world a better place. :)

One of the most important things an American can do is protect their voting rights. " The US Civil Rights Commission concluded that the odds of your vote being miscounted or tossed out are 900% greater if you vote in a community of color." So if I was an American I'd join the local @ACLU   https://www.aclu.org/issues/voting-rights  But there are other great organizations you might prefer.

Stay strong, have fun, and never give up hope. We need you. :)
A.J. Ponder