Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lullaby for Vampires to be sung to the tune of Brahms

Lullaby, little vampire
The sun it is shining
Go to sleep, don't you weep
Night will soon be nigh
Then you'll crawl from your crypt
And wind through the window
Free your fangs on sweet prey
And feed from their flesh

Lullaby, and good-morning
Deathless vampires don't stray
From the cool clods of earth
In the light of the day
Let sleep, little wanton,
And dreams of destruction
Fill your head, little leech
'til the sun goes away

Lullaby and sleep tight
Knowing demons surround you
Around and about you
Above and below
Soon the sun it will fade
To a night dark and cloudy
And to humans we'll hum
This last lullaby

Lullaby and good night
Lullaby, my delight
Go to sleep, don't you weep
As through the night we creep
We've crawled from our coffins
And wound through your window
Freed our fangs, you're our prey
Now we'll feed from your flesh

A..J. Ponder 

Truth is there's no artistic merit to this one at all -  it's only here to match the zombie lullaby, for as everyone knows where there are vampires, zombies soon follow - and vice versa.   It was done with the urge to provide tasteless lullabies to go with a version of Brahms Lullaby I found, and to practise using a set cadence.  After all - who isn't thoroughly sick of vampires yet? 

Of course if you're not sick of vampires - why not check out Rudyard Kiplings Vampire poem - here - who would have thought?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lullaby little Zombie (Lullaby for Zombies 2 - to Brahms)

Lullaby, little Zombie
Don't cry out for brains
Never sigh, when they die
For all humans are the same
They will weep as they say
It was all for the money
They will sigh as they say
It was your fault anyway

Lullaby, little zombies
Don't you go and wake now
Or stop those who will take you
And bury you alive
Now there's something, little zombie
That you ought to know now
There's one thing, little Zombie,
If you wish to grow

You should run, little Zombie,
Run from the reaper
You should fear, little zombie,
Fear, fear itself.
Wont' you cry, little zombie,
And suffer forever
Touch the fire, little zombie
Let your skin burn and peel

Lullaby, little Zombie
Believe all the lies
Wrapped up tight in the night
And sung lullabies
Soft and warm in your bed
Don't cry out for brains
Never sigh, now you're dead
All humans are the same

A..J. Ponder 

This is remarkably tasteless lullaby can be sung to Brahms - it was written on the 1st of August last year, and the points it makes are just as relevant as ever - and even more tasteless.  An apparently simple zombie lullaby - kept on twisting itself a new purpose - highlighting the extent to which organisations are prepared to risk other people's well-being for their own gain, including their peace of mind. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a slight problem with reality
People keep telling me what it is

Who gave them the right
to frame the world 
like a picture
drawing everyone into
a two dimensional nightmare -
a fantasy of realism
framed in guilt

How happy they must be
inside their golden borders
I do not like my cage
so I say 'no!'
The world is bigger,
higher, deeper, brighter,
more unfathomable
and dangerous
than you think.
And yes, there are monsters,
beneath the clear blue waters,
beneath the clouds.

So do not scoff
and press me like a flower
against your flat earth,
or the pages of unwanted books
for although I cannot see it all,
I see you hanged 
against the wall.

A..J. Ponder 

Ok, it's international women's day - just a bit late - mostly because I don't stand for such things, preferring classier options, like for instance, international talk like a pirate day ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I haven't had a single thought
That isn't cross
 This Day

A..J. Ponder -

I wrote this over a year ago now, March the fifth to be exact.   Strange that it should echo back now so that it was the only poem I could think of for this week.  Maybe it is because the cross is such a potent symbol -- it can mean so many things.  And so I offer this cross, one of many, so that it may be shared.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kiwi Heroes

As the world turns,
Past grieving mothers,
Fathers, daughters, sons,
Families torn apart -
People shine,
Students, heroes,
All their hands
Of spades, buckets, brooms
They mean to sweep destruction away
These bloody kiwi heroes
Even as they rail,
Even as they grieve,
Standing tall
Against an Earth
That just wont stand still.

A..J. Ponder

Yes, this is because of the Earthquake.   I wanted to acknowledge all the heroism, large and small, of the people of Christchurch and the crews who came in to help.  They are all kiwi heroes.  And I hope that is of some comfort to everyone who has also been affected and feel so very much at a loss as to what to do.  (PS I heard money is good, as usual be a little careful it is going to an organisation you can trust to get it to where it is needed most.  See my previous post if you're really stuck :)