Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday Poem: The Trouble with Time Machines by A.J. Ponder

The Trouble with Time Machines
(first published in Eye to the Telesope, edited by Tim Jones)

Turns out
Time Machines are easy -
all you need is
number eight wire,
several diodes,
and a particle accelerator.

Problem is;
every sad physicist
who goes to the
trouble of inventing one,
unlocks their past
improving upon the original
until there is no need for a time machine
in the first place.

Turns out time machines are not so easy-
all those redundant devices
are proving an enormous hazard
as we unlock the
metaphysical chains that bind
the many parallel universes -
with mathematical theorems that will turn your head inside out
(in several dimensions)
because universes are rather fragile
and blowing just one would



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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday Poem: Zombie Apocalypse Now

Sorry, running a bit late, was half way through a post yesterday and got distracted by bright shiny thing...that's what happens when you're doing trying to put together a mash up poem, but as I always say, it must be Tuesday somewhere... 

Zombie Apocalypse Now

It's a battle for hearts and brains
sure, there's a giant zombie blowout, with entrails flying
hands bursting through spines
and rotting flesh
but playing with dead things just doesn't seem as fun
in post-zombie America.

And it's a metaphor
you can poke a gun at
a world overrun by infected zombies

defending human freedom against the Musically Undead
(or any other undead for that matter)

Time to employ the double tap
a useful weapon against the zombie horde
or will they rise again?
maybe it would be more ethical
to train a zombie and keep it as a pet?

poem by various people with zombie blurbs 
compiled by A.J Ponder

This all came from a stray, I hesitate to say brainless thought that crossed my mind as a marketing strategy.  Convoluted, and probably insensible reasoning is below, but for the more sane members of my audience now's a good time to discover all the fantastic poems on the Tuesday Poem blog

A.J. :)

"Why Book Publishers Need to Think Like Amazon" talked about branding, but what it didn't talk about the downside of Amazon's shady employment practices, and cutthroat business model.  But it did get me to wondering that if branding was going to be the number 1 focus of publishers, and that maybe small brands focussing on one type of novel might actually find their own little niches in the market.  And given the Zombie craze doens't seem to be collapsing any time soon: Zombie Apocalypse Now, seemed a great imprint for the proposed model.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Poem, Mary's booklaunch and Sir Julius Vogel Update!

What a whirlwind this week has been with Wellington Writers Week and two of my works reaching the Sir Julius Vogel Awards shortlist, Ahi Ka written with the talented Eileen Mueller on my website and Northwrite and our Twisty Christmas Tales ebook is on Smashwords and Amazon.

The highlight for me was Mary McCallum's book launch of the gorgeous Dappled Annie and the Tigrish on Sunday.  What a fantastic turnout to celebrate Gecko book authors and Mary in particular.  Teamed up with the whimsical and magical Annie Hayward, Mary and of course the publishers have produced something so beautifully nostalgic I'm sure it's going to be a favourite in many households.

The following is an extract is from page 57, just after Annie discovers a little honey, and explores the importance of loyalty,  
At that moment, one of the fingers of sunlight that had been making its way across the lawn through the gap in the hedge slid across the fingers of one of Annie's hands.  It was the one with the honey thumb.

"Loyalty royalty then," said Annie loudly, and then again: "Loyalty." And she bowed toward the tigrish as if he were a king and she a visiting princess, and she closed her hand on the sunlight to keep it in case she needed it later. This was something her father had taught her to do. Being a lighthouse keeper he had a lot to say about light.

Annie noticed the fur of the tigrish was shimmering now, blue and gold like the hottest part of a fire.

"I'm ready," she said.

For what? you might wonder. I'm not sure yet.  I guess I'll have to keep on reading :)

Lovely stuff, with just a touch of poetry
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A.J. Ponder

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Poem: Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails

(I believe, and hope this is the official version. It seemed to have the correct copyright on the video at the end - if the video above doesn't work try the YouTube link:  here  )

Yes, this version of "Hurt" is a slightly different version to the original by Nine Inch Nails,with a twist away from the drug references, shunting the song a fraction away from a haunting tale of drugs destroying relationships -- "What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end" becomes something almost nostalgic, recognising the impermanence of life -- made even more poignant by the singer's obvious ill health, and the fact he died shortly after its release.

The deep tones of melancholy echo through the melody -- yes, "you can have it all,"  a whole empire of it but what is "it all" anyway in the end except dirt and pain? 

So, on that cheery note, I'll leave you with a part of my favourite verse:

"Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here"

Ka kite anō

A.J. Ponder