Monday, August 30, 2010

Blackening the Page (Unfinished)

I hear the sigh, 'alack and woe
Where did all the giants go?
the fountain pen
long dried and dead
spent all the prose --
left words instead.'

Still time is everything I guess
And distance makes it effortless
A march of hope
Through all the ages
Caught in frowns
On blackened pages.

A..J. Ponder - Amazon author page

This poem is (probably) unfinished. I have written other stanzas but am unhappy with them. Sometimes it is the "easy" poems that are so very difficult!!! :)

Besides - it seems somehow appropriate that this particular work is incomplete - after all it almost needs to be criss crossed with re-writes to give it the right tone ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Steven Colbert's" "Poetry" (and link to award winning writers segement)

 I remember someone put up a very nice piece of "Steven Colbert's" work - and I thought this might be interesting for all those people who think writing is a lonely pastime - I think it proves an axiom I've been saying for along time - you can't have too many writers!

A..J. Ponder - Amazon author page

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday poem : Not a sonnet or a poem of any sort

say something scathing
like I should follow fashion
like I should
give a damn

A..J. Ponder
 I wasn't going to post even the pretence of a poem this week.  Been busy thinking about my stories that I'm meant to be submitting to a certain competition.  huh, fat chance! But one of my sub comments kept on alliterating - so...  Did write a sonnet this week and a couple of others, but have selfishly decided to try and find collections for them, if I can find the patience from somewhere.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Poem - Clay, Thou art Mine to Command

My story is too exciting to leave
And too jealous to abandon
So I'll leave you here
on the doorstep
While I step out
From grey winter
Into dusty sunshine

A..J. Ponder - author page

 I usually write poetry to get my head in the right space for - well, more writing.  This was a day, or a week where the story was....rather demanding.  Good days :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elegy for Jabber

ok I know it's not a patch on the original, but it was fun to write.Yes, Lewis Dodgeson got it wrong...

'Twas brillig that redoubted world
where mimsy has been placed
I stood between the Boros' graves
and hid my wretched face.

The Jabberwock, he’s gone my sons
those evil Raths took him away,
your uffish friend is dead and gone
I know not what to say,

They took him on a vorpal ship,
it cut gallumphing through the night
to man’s home world of blue and green
and scrumbled out of sight

I landed fast and found a man,
with curly hair, and flame-blue eyes,
just standing there with book and pen,
his open mouth caught flies.

I told him of the Jabber-wock,
And you; my sons, left far behind,
I told him of the vorpal ship.
The man replied in kind,

Though his news was greevly bitter,
I’ll always fleer his words so black
for they did slay the Jabber-wock
with blades of snicker-snack.'

I cried, 'my heart is slain this day
Oh Frabjous Foe, Callooh, Callay
My tail brelucks, my spines reflay,'
And gortled in dismay.

'Twas brillig that redoubted world
where mimsy has been placed
I stood between the Boros’ graves
and hid my wretched face.

A..J. Ponder - author page

And for those of you who are interested in such things Massey University has got a school journal display up until the end of the week celebrating 12 years of collaboration - where students have a brief to illustrate a story/play.  Peter Friend and my play, "Touchdown"  was selected this year - so that was fun - you can see the winners art, past winners, the design process,etc.  It was fascinating - esp for me, seeing different versions of our characters and how the designers worked with the brief etc. Being last year students in an intensive design course I found all the work on display pretty amazing, and the winners especially so.  "Ima­gine That! Stephen Olsen reports back from the open­ing night of the exhibition."  

"While not phys­ic­ally present these char­ac­ters from a sci-fi play soon to appear in the pages of the School Journal were undoubtedly in star­ring roles at the open­ing of the Ima­gine That! exhib­i­tion in Wel­ling­ton this week which runs until Sunday 15 August."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Food Fight

Blossoms on the kowhai tree
untouched and ignorant
of the raging war above:
Tui versus Bellbird.

And when the battle passes,
ten kings will rule triumphant
over a golden kingdom
of shredded wheat

A..J. Ponder

Amelia chose two poems for NZ day: Kaitoke and Food Fight. I chose Kaitoke to go with the fantasy theme I had going last week. This week, I think it's more than time we started looking forward to spring!
Published (page 96) Caught on Canvas.