Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Poem: The Hero - Movement 3 Political Evolution

Movement 3 Political Evolution

Is still
Except the carrion call
Rising triumphant
Into the
First rays
Of the new dawn

We shall eat
Drink and be merry
My fine vultures

Today we feast
on heroes 

A.J. Ponder

And that, my friends was the last exciting instalment of "The Hero." 
If you're interested the first instalment, Corpse Road is here at 
"Baby Teeth" signing pic curtesy of Matt Cowens

Busy week this week, Baby teeth launch on the 30th and the White Cloud World Exhibition at Rona Gallery is still in pre-production - although it's certainly coming along, lots of work to do still though - and to make it harder, it's the Hobbit Fan Event today and Phil and I have tickets!  Totally crazy.  Totally shouldn't be going.  But so long as the world isn't about to end, we're going to have a blast - have some fun and then I've got to hurry back to work and sort out the catalogue etc etc etc 
Hoping to catch up with everyone's poems late Wednesday night, until then, why not get a headstart and check out the Tuesday Poem blog?