Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stolen Time

 In the forest late at night
As the moon was shining
I thought I saw a fair one
Out at midnight dining

A blanket and a basket
A wine of claret red
A bosom warm as dawn
On which to lay his head

I blinked and all t'was over
The night was sped away
And twenty years, they rushed by
The night I passed that way

The fair one he was restless
And jealous of the Day
And fair he held her close
And bid her come his way

She spoke her words so warm
And smiled like winter sun
And when she laughed it burned
Twenty years undone

Now in the forest late at night
When sister Moon is swollen
I beseech her there to free
The years that Day has stolen

But sweet Day, so young and fey  
I do protest in vain
Though my bones turn ashen grey
I love you just the same

A blanket and a basket
A wine of claret red
Your bosom's far too warm
For a mortal's bed

 A.J. Ponder 

I love the classic fairy tales of lost time, the deadly romance of it all (mostly the deadly bit) and so this is my homage to those tales and poems (they had such a wonderful way with rhyme and metre) of my misspent youth.  And talking about misspent youth - received "Tiny Trouble" in the mail - thanks to Pearson's Journal, "Comet" and it looks fab :)  Also posted off the paperwork for "Legendary" (co-written with Peter Friend), which will be printed in their "Explore" magazine soonish.

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  1. I adore the stealthy, bloody fairy-tale style you bring to your poetry, Alicia. And you have such a lilting rhythm!

  2. I have just been reading about the fey and people stolen away as part of folklore/ folk myth so this poem seems very apt. :)