Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Dragon Pal and Me from Galivant

A little bit of fun - besides, what's a song but poetry set to music? Composed by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. Apparently the song was inspired by a song Glenn and his wife made up called Tina and the Meatloaf" designed to help convince their kids to eat meatloaf. Described as sunshiny and innocent...

I hope you enjoy.

If you enjoyed My Dragon Pal and Me, it comes from the amazing show Galavant. If you want to check out the show and can't find it, it does stream from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Galavant-Season-1/dp/B00RMG22LU   - I must warn you - I have a dragon.

I can only hope against hope that there's a third season... :)  I guess it's the perfect example of not everything I think is amazing is popular - I mean who wouldn't love a medieval panto that can't anything seriously, let alone the third wall?

Have a great week,

P.S. don't forget to look after any lizards you see...just in case.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Now We Are Old and Cynical


The Folks asked
The Gov and
The Gov asked
The Corporate
"Can we have a little bit of
Butter with our bread?"
The Corporate
Said, "Certainly
We'll go and see
The cow now
Before we
Go to bed."

The Corporate
They smiled
As they
Went and found
Some cutlery -
"We'll not share the butter
When we can eat the meat

The Corporate went
To the Gov
And this is
What they said
"We'll keep
The meat
But you can take
A little

The Gov
Took the bread
And said
To the Folk
"There isn't
Any butter
How about
You work
For crumbs
A winner
The cow
Is dead.

A.J. Ponder, once again with apologies to AA. Milne.

This  satirical piece is based on The King's Breakfast, was a bit more difficult than it first appeared, which is why it's a few days late. Hope you enjoy, I'm thinking about creating similar pieces for a small collection of Now We Are Old And Cynical
(Yes, I am aware of the "When we were Fifty" and "Now We are Sixty" but although I haven't seen either for a while, I'm confident this is a different take, however well worn the forms. :)

Enjoy your week

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