Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl

Once there was a gypsy girl
She ran among the beggars, oh.
Sang among the beggars, oh.
And danced on the street

Some would throw her coins, oh.
Some would throw her silver, oh.
Some would watch the coins
As they scattered at her feet

She danced among the coins, oh.
Spinning to the jingling, oh.
And jangling
At her feet.

Beggars threw their kisses, oh.
Ladies threw their glances, oh.
But suitors threw their hearts, oh.
And laid them at her feet.

Yet she cared nought for suitors, oh.
Never heard their sighs, oh.
Didn’t see the hearts,
That lay trampled on the street.

Don’t cry for the girl, oh.
The suitors as they sigh, oh.
The rags as they fly, oh.
Just listen to the song as they dance on down the street.

A..J. Ponder - author page

Ok so it's Valentines day, or so close to it you're still sneezing from the flower pollen, so here it is - probably my most romantic poem :) 
Originally it was a shape poem - I've  focussed more on the sound since then - but you can still just see the slim waist and a skirt that flies out as the girl spins around with abandon as she dances.  

P.S. I found it particularly hard to find a decent uncopyrighted picture of dancing feet that looked right, and not all pigeon toed or ballet dancery - and then I tried to find a dancer that looked even vaguely right without infringing copyright and had to give up - but I did find those lovely painting of Cherie Knott's, and I know she won't mind that I'm using it.

A..J. Ponder - author page


  1. I like the internal rhyme of the poem, which gives the feeling of a dance.

  2. Oh, I found the rhythm worked perfectly to convince me to ignore the hearts trampled on the street - the anguish of the lines. Fabulous painting too - suits the poem!

  3. Cheers Helen, I always imagine dancing for this poem as well - a nice tarentella.

    And Elizabeth, thanks, that's such a wonderful compliment. If I was allowed to fave my own poetry this would be the one despite all it's flaws, because I just do so adore poems with rhythm and drama.