Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday Poem: I'm sorry, there can be no poem on a day like today.

I have no poem this week.
There was a poem all scheduled to go - and it never showed up for which I am grateful because after the events of today, technically yesterday, my only thoughts are that the rescue efforts in Christchurch go well, and that all the people who are affected by this terrible event at least find some solace in each other.

Hopefully I will find a site of links for donations - but the one I found earlier was for 2010 and it might not still be relevant.   I'll put it up later, right now all I can think about - all anybody can think about is the human impact.

Bless you all.  May your families be safe.

I-site - apparently is organising accommodation - but presumably you would have to ring your local one.

There are many others   - these should be good - but do be very careful about any others because there are apparently already scammers out there trying to cash in on the disaster.   -

A..J. Ponder - author page

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