Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lullaby for Vampires to be sung to the tune of Brahms

Lullaby, little vampire
The sun it is shining
Go to sleep, don't you weep
Night will soon be nigh
Then you'll crawl from your crypt
And wind through the window
Free your fangs on sweet prey
And feed from their flesh

Lullaby, and good-morning
Deathless vampires don't stray
From the cool clods of earth
In the light of the day
Let sleep, little wanton,
And dreams of destruction
Fill your head, little leech
'til the sun goes away

Lullaby and sleep tight
Knowing demons surround you
Around and about you
Above and below
Soon the sun it will fade
To a night dark and cloudy
And to humans we'll hum
This last lullaby

Lullaby and good night
Lullaby, my delight
Go to sleep, don't you weep
As through the night we creep
We've crawled from our coffins
And wound through your window
Freed our fangs, you're our prey
Now we'll feed from your flesh

A..J. Ponder - author page

Truth is there's no artistic merit to this one at all -  it's only here to match the zombie lullaby, for as everyone knows where there are vampires, zombies soon follow - and vice versa.   It was done with the urge to provide tasteless lullabies to go with a version of Brahms Lullaby I found, and to practise using a set cadence.  After all - who isn't thoroughly sick of vampires yet? 

Of course if you're not sick of vampires - why not check out Rudyard Kiplings Vampire poem - here - who would have thought?


  1. Very nice and creepy---now you have to write the story to go with it.:)

  2. Vampires? No - I'm starting the next wave in books it's....