Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Circle of Life

We have let the snakes 
Into the hen house

Smoking cigars
And complaining
The eggs
Are not at all
To their satisfaction

"More would be

"Should we lose
One or two

You get the score
Better lay more

After all,
There's one thing tastier
than eggs...

  A.J. Ponder - author page

Cheers to Ernie Ellis - just as I thought I'd never find an appropriate picture I come across this book-cover, and it's perfect.  As for the poem, well I think it probably speaks for itself.  And as always, the current Tuesday Poem is here, at the Tuesday hub. 


  1. oh yes - a savage and cynical poem - like!

  2. I really like this poem - I reckon it's one of my favourites among your poems. Snakes smoking cigars, indeed!

  3. Thanks Jennifer - savage and cynical - nice.

    And Tim, there is of course a special type of snake that smokes cigars :) Cheers.