Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Running away with a Christmas Sonnet

Go kiss your prince below the mistletoe
And hang those stockings high above the hearth
For Christmas is the one day you can show
The greatest love of all and peace on earth

Still, I wish you would take your Christmas cheer,
Pack the day with bows and loving care
And bundle it so far away from here
And don't you mention Grinches, don’t you dare.

For while the thought of presents makes some sing
And has the children dancing round the tree
Christmas makes me wish more than anything
That I could wash my hands and be set free-

Just wander off, enjoy the sunny beach
forget the rules, and
in the

And that was the plan this Christmas.  No stress.  Go to the beach.  

Yeah right.

ok the picture isn't of sun drenched sand,  - but that fin in the water is an orca whale :)

Anyway Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all that, love to see you in the New Year.

A.J. Ponder 

 A.J. Ponder's work is available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, and good Wellington bookstores


  1. Going to the beach for Christmas is the only way to do it, in my opinion, and - as the poem attests to - just as celebratory! Love the last stanza.

  2. cheers Elizabeth. After all the allusions to Winter I've got to get outside tomorrow just to check it really is Summer ;)

  3. The European Commission's Department of Sausage, Sauerkraut and Sonnet Regulation will be in touch soon ... except that you won't be there because you will have escaped into Summer. Yay!

  4. Cheers Tim. Looking forward to it. Yay indeed, Christmas on the Beach - with teenagers.


    Have fun anyway!

  5. "Just do it!" Alicia--and may the sun shine for you! :)