Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Not a poem, maybe one day...

The sun was shining in the sky
shining with all its might...

But of course it's hardly the middle of the night - I swear with this shot I feel almost get sun-blinded just looking at it.   Of course if you're disappointed the rest of the Lewis Carroll poem is here but basically why is the picture even here?  The story goes like this - while flicking through some of my shots of Wellington I found this shot of Seatoun beach and remembered the Lewis Carroll poem - and then I remembered I'd tried to do a poem along similar lines but where two rich fellows are going to complain alot about the beach and then buy it and everything on it out from under the noses of everyone else.  It never really quite worked but it was fun - if you don't mind the beginning being wrong - and the complete lack of an ending....


The sun shining on the sea
Spied two suits out strolling
As crisp as they could be

With voices biting as the wind
pleats sharp as any knife
They assaulted everybody's dress
Your money and your life

The sand was sharp and sandy
The beach was far from clean
Our moneymen saw seaweed
and complained it was obscene...

And that's it so far.  I hope everyone has had a busy and productive week, and if the poem is lacking, the perhaps stop and enjoy the picture, it's one of my favourites - Seatoun beach looking absolutely gorgeous

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  1. I'm not sure about the background to this, who the two rich fellows are? But I'm amazed they can buy a beach. Perhaps remember the oysters who were all eaten and replace bread with money? A tad didactic, perhaps...

    1. The background - yes it's more than a little unclear at the moment - two suits (probably armani- a la Dr Seuss Green Pants I guess)) out walking - and I think they're still figuring out how to buy the beach out from under everybody else's feet. It's more inspired by my take on the Lewis Carroll poem than the poem itself, but it would be nice to as you say mention oysters in some way - just to hint to the homage.

      Cheers for dropping by.

  2. Lovely photo...great poems from small beginnings remember. Hope the crabs bite their toes off before they buy the beach though!

  3. Cheers, definitely hope the crabs come and bite their toes off - or maybe their armani socks - because in my head - over time - the suits have lost the people in them and have become faceless symbols. So yes definitely - small beginnings have a long way to go - although my daughter (sweet thing that she is) says she doesn't want me to add a word - she likes it half finished because that keeps the possibilities open.

  4. I think you should persist with this, AJ. It's ripe with potential and could be a very funny and satirical poem when completed.