Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Colour Management

the document's embedded colour file does not match
the current RGB working space

There are no words to describe it
binary codes do not do it justice
after all your eyes are only
for light
and management will always
make the final decision.

Interpreted and
and discarded
just as quickly
the cones
have discontinued service
this workspace is now
torn assunder:

Alright - quick and dirty -  and yes - my mind has been completely blown away by the latest Photoshop - it wouldn't be so bad - but I really totally and completely cannot get me head around the colour management.  Last minute I was told my old standby the JPG was out - so now...


And for more wonderful poems at the Tuesday Poem, I believe there is even a poem of pictures by Andrew Bell - so I can't wait to look - I just have to return to the PS hell imagine being able to do so much and not even knowing where to start.

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  1. Well I must say it sounds like you have it under control...I had enough probs getting a photo onto blogger this week never mind photo shopping and I always think jpgs sound like back to front pygamas! Good luck with your cones :-)

    1. Anything but! Still thanks for dropping by and offering moral support - it's really appreciated :)

      And good luck with your pjs - I mean jpegs they can be troublesome little devils at the best of times.