Monday, November 12, 2012

This and that - busy, busy

Yes, I know I've abandoned my Tuesday Poem posts for a while
but that doesn't mean I have no internet presence at all

Managed for the first time in forever flick off a quick book review - definitely not a book for everyone but a dark and gripping read nonetheless and recommended by one of the book reps who was desperate to talk about it with someone.   Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

And of course Ike has been very busy warning people about anything he feels might be the slightest bit dangerous.  Time Portal and the Tawa Pool

Anyway am having heaps of fun and running at about 12,000 words for Nanowrimo - so while I don't think I'm anywhere near "winning" (and kudos by the way to the souls that are) I am making reasonable progress, so very excited.

cheers and good luck in all your upcoming endeavours

A.J. Ponder's books are available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, Paper Plus and good Wellington bookstores.

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