Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Cloak for a Fairy (Anonymous)

Victorian Fairy Painting Anonymous
Spider, Spider, what are you spinning?
A cloak for a fairy, I'm just beginning.
What is it made of, tell me true?
Threads of moonshine, pearls of dew.
When will the fairy be wearing it?
tonight when the glow worms' lamps are lit.
Can I see her if I come peeping?
All good children must then be sleeping.

A strange co-incidence happened today - I - all terribly tied up with deadlines hadn't organised my spider poem round up, and my mother was in fact searching for an old spider poem she couldn't quite remember.  And so she complained, that when she looked for this old family favourite - all she could find was my blog.  Of course, this was good news because we found it in one of our old poetry books not long after and now you too can enjoy this old - almost forgotten poem :)

Apologies Lorraine, it looks like there's going to be one more week before I complete my spider round-up. although it really is a fairy tale poem too, and therefore also belongs in my Portal to Fairy Tale Poetry.

Cheers, everyone, enjoy your week, and if spiders don't scare you why not spin your way into the silken danger of my spider poetry roundup here at http://anafflictionofpoetry.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/tuesday-poem-spider-poem-roundup-with.html


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  1. Oh I like the idea of a spider series. Nice one, this. I want to read them to my children a few years back.... :)