Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Wyrm

         Wyrm                                                                    the Universe
      A         in Time,                                             Brilliance of              all
                       through Space,                     the true                              around
                                 splitting the milky Stars
                                                  and Revealing


there's a crack in Amelia's computer screen
and insistent
that I should write a poem
I complied

After all, Amelias'
lose their mothers'
to forgetfulness
far too easily.

So, should sudden sulks and sullen
teenage tantrums
tear darkness through
and through

cast your eyes to the
starless wyrm
of starry space
and remember this

A..J. Ponder - author page

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  1. Damn but the font is different on the screen than it is in the preview! Oh well.

  2. Took me a couple of reads to get the right order of the lines for the Wyrm, but I liked it when I did.

  3. And now AJ, I check out this blog of yours on poetry and find here a poem dedicated to Amelia which happens to be the name of one of my daughters to whom I have just now sent a reference to your blog post about large foreheads and coaeliac disease.

    She complains of her particularly large forehead, which we all joke is a sign of genius. I'll have to tell her about your amazing poem here, too.

    What wonderful synchronicity, for me at least. It matches your wonderful poem.

  4. Cheers Kathleen - I don't find it easy to read - and I wrote it!

    & Elisabeth thank you so much for your kind words, I hope your Amelia is well and stays well, and that her large forehead is - exactly as you say - a sign of genius.

  5. I love the wyrm on its voyage through space-time ...

  6. I love the words you use in the poem and the magic you weave with them - wrym is an amazing word!

  7. cheers Helen & Kay - Helen, love your current spacey theme, and your latest book looks awesome. And Kay, you're a treasure, I'm seriously looking forward to more of your poems.

  8. I really like this one too - and I'm impressed that you managed to make Blogspot handle such complex formatting - something which has defeated me on my blog so far!

  9. cheers, Tim, I must confess - I somewhat gave in and used the space bar