Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Food Fight

Blossoms on the kowhai tree
untouched and ignorant
of the raging war above:
Tui versus Bellbird.

And when the battle passes,
ten kings will rule triumphant
over a golden kingdom
of shredded wheat

A..J. Ponder - author page

Amelia chose two poems for NZ day: Kaitoke and Food Fight. I chose Kaitoke to go with the fantasy theme I had going last week. This week, I think it's more than time we started looking forward to spring!
Published (page 96) Caught on Canvas.


  1. Short, mysterious, and definitive! I like it! (Must go and find it in "Caught on Canvas" now.)

    Spring poems seem to be the thing this week.

  2. Cheers, Tim
    Have to admit I kept on looking at your imports and exports poem for the NZ poetry day - as it always raises a smile - but I was just too busy to ask.

    Not sure what to think of your guest poet/poem this week - her voice is great, but I didn't get it at all, so I couldn't really drop a comment even though I wanted to, it sounded awesome.