Monday, August 30, 2010

Blackening the Page (Unfinished)

I hear the sigh, 'alack and woe
Where did all the giants go?
the fountain pen
long dried and dead
spent all the prose --
left words instead.'

Still time is everything I guess
And distance makes it effortless
A march of hope
Through all the ages
Caught in frowns
On blackened pages.

A..J. Ponder - author page

This poem is (probably) unfinished. I have written other stanzas but am unhappy with them. Sometimes it is the "easy" poems that are so very difficult!!! :)

Besides - it seems somehow appropriate that this particular work is incomplete - after all it almost needs to be criss crossed with re-writes to give it the right tone ;)


  1. Maybe it's finished in the sense that two stanzas is all you need to say what you wanted. Maybe you should just extract anything essential from the others and edit it into these? I like the rhythm and the humour of it. And there's no such thing as an 'easy' poem!!!

  2. Kathleen is right, there is no such thing! :) Nice one.

  3. Cheers, Helen and Kathleen, really appreciate your integrity, and your work.

    Kathleen, maybe you're right, and @%$#$! thing is finished. The first stanza just feels a little clumsy in conjunction with the folllowing stanza, but maybe that's the point. And I'll keep it as a running gag with "unfinished" in the title!