Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Secret Santa: Christmas, Downtown Melbourne by Pamela Morrison

Christmas, Downtown Melbourne

Ding dong



A man enters the post office

Ding dong

His knuckles are grey

Ding dong ding

He walks past the card stand

Dong ding

His feet are bare

Dong dong

He stops and bends down

Ding dong ding

His paper bag is ripped


He looks up at the roof

Ding dong

One eye is open, the other is half shut

Ding ding

He draws a deep breath


No-one sees him, no-one is looking


Now the man is starting to sing

The notes of Jerusalem

Are bold as a bell

They rise to the vault of the ceiling

Then descend

Every space is filled

Every person is still

The last note has landed

Shoppers and postal workers stomp and clap

Ding dong dong ding dong dong ding ding dong

Ding dong dong ding dong ding dong dong dong ding

A person in uniform walks to the man

Turns him, takes him away.

Pamela Morrison

Pam wrote this poem about a pre-Christmas experience she had several years ago. It seems rather sad that it ends the way it does - as she captures the magic and finally the pathos of the incident.

A Dunedin based poet, Pam is an ex-journalist who has had "the odd poem published."   Now in a completely different line of work, she's enjoying having no deadlines, and not having to write other people’s stories.  She loves sharing her work with others, and she is a fantastic part of the Tuesday Poetry blog group and an avid blogger -  more of her poems can be found here at her blog site where she continues to explore the world with words.

 So cheers Pam and all the other poets on the Tuesday Poem site for making this a memorable year in poetry.

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  1. Oh, such a heartbreaking swan song of sorts! But stunning rhythm. Thanks for posting, I will check out more of Pam's blogging and poetry.

  2. Yes, not quite the same outcome as the You-Tube clips of choirs singing the Hallelujah chorus in food halls or kids dancing to Do-Re-Mi in train stations (both of which I loved, but still ...) And 'Jerusalem' is pretty hard to sing a-capella ... Very apposite poem.