Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eulogy to battles lost

As requested this is a little homage to Firefly / Serenity (written 23rd November 2010).  Although if you don't like such things, I still believe the last verse to be worth reading. And yes there is deliberately no full stop at the end, for hope should never end with such finality. 

Take my love

You cannot miss
Slipping into space
On rickety engines
Tied together with
Chewing gum

Take my land

There's power in the verse
Even as heroes
Fall to wayside robbery
To survive, to get even,
To hide the truth of
A world
A universe
Bought and sold

Take me where I cannot stand

Hanging on a thread
Doctors, preachers, thieves
Breaking bread
Hiding chocolate
Toting guns
Retorting hot as fire
And cold as reckoning
Fools staking out a claim
to what they cannot hold

I don't care

So long as I'm flying
The inevitable betrayal
Should not hurt
So very much
Mere boulders knocked downstream.
Waterfall quick
Tumbles into madness
And away

I'm still free

A pretence as deep and wide
As the sky itself
Bound with
foolish reason
Cut through with civility

You can't take the sky from me

the rooms
entwined with flowers
lie empty
a memorial to
those who died
A testament to hope

A..J. Ponder - Amazon author page  (of course the highlighted lines are from Joss Whedon - I hope he can forgive me, given this is a homage to his show)



  1. Ah, Alicia--so great to meet another Firely/Serenity fan on the Tuesday Poem Blog circuit. "Ain't no power in the 'verse" can keep a good subject down!

  2. Cheers, Helen, yes part of me is embarassed at writing what is essentially fan fiction, but there is something about the deeper truths/themes that the show explored, that I felt made it worth exploring further. Not quite what it seems on the surface, a bit like Haldeman's "Forever War" I guess.