Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alicia's World of Warcraft Poem

It seems a certain game
you bring my poem
past the dangers
of war
through death and
through danger
to complete your quest
in a world

This is not the truth.

I require
only that
you wend your way
through my reality
along the stony path
past the troll
of misunderstandings
to the mountain of disbelief.
If you stand there
upon the tip of your toes
you'll see the world
as it never was.

This is not the truth

For in my world realities sail
bright as ships on a shining sea -
only slightly beyond the pixelated
blood, sweat and tears
of conformity.
So take those words back -
if you can -
past the horrors of war
through death and
through danger
to complete your quest
in a world
as real as

A.J. Ponder

It has come to my attention (P.S. never google your name and poem - it can be a pretty hair raising experience)  that there is a certain quest in Warcraft that requires taking "Alicia's Poem" from somewhere to somewhere else.  Presumably.  

-- I had to include this - in my comments Tim Jones outlined the true origin of the World of Warcraft poem - it's such a touching story, the death of a player inspired writers of the game to create this quest - and the poem to go with it - the real "Alicia's Poem" can be found here.  Try not to cry.

And I thought, as any poet might (at least after the initial dicombobulation), that there had to be an actual poem in there...somewhere.    Enjoy, have fun, and don't forget there are more worlds of poetry waiting for you...

A.J. Ponder

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  1. Excellent! Are you taking steps to persuade a World of Warcraft player to undertake this quest and report back?

  2. I have news: I mentioned your poem on Twitter, and @matthancocknz sent me the following info about "Alicia's Poem":

    1: The quest is a tribute to a player who died from leukemia ~ http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11451

    2: The in-game poem can be read at http://www.wowhead.com/item=34089

    Thanks, Matt - and thanks, Alicia!

  3. Alicia--I "like" and not "just" becasue you are clearly an unreconstructed geek gal.:) The poem has a great "there and back again" construction.

  4. Thank you so much Helen and Tim for your kind comments. Tim, that was so very sweet to find out more about the poem - I've linked to it above because it touched me so that the designers would do that.

    And yes Helen - I (reluctantly) admit I carry geek credentials - enough that "there and back again" takes on a rather hobbity meaning ;)