Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Cold Truth

dead men stare
with open eyes
(O)     (O)
they cannot see
and you

A.J. Ponder

The cold truth was brought to you by a very young cynic. Grown into an older one.
Again after twenty odd years, thought I'd better actually claim this one - before somebody else does - if they haven't already - can't imagine I'm the only one who thought of it!
Sorry Hells, I do have some cheery poetry, but I'm saving that for the dead of winter :)

And damn - but it's annoying how it keeps loosing the gaps between the eyes. It's a very squinty skull!

Yes, this is a reblog from over two years ago - I can't believe I've been running  "An Affliction" for so long - but there you are. 

So, to business, lots of exciting writing projects are happening right now, I'd better get on with them, but not before wishing you all the best with your endeavours, 

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  1. Very clever! I feel like being one of those Cockney men in movies who say "Don't worry, love, it might never 'appen". It would be lovely if they were right.

  2. my father used to tell one joke and it was about a glum fellow walking up the road when a little bird said, 'cheer up. It could be worse.' and he did and it was..
    thanks for this cheery poem...

  3. I like short dark poetry. Those (0) (0) staring eyes remind me of a poem my daughter wrote a couple years ago (she was 9 at the time). Check it out here, I think you'll like it: http://52250flash.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/the-octopus-by-lola-elvy/


    1. That was so cute -I'm most impressed. :)

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