Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'd like to thank...

Did you think this would be a poem?
I lied
What I meant to say was
come to my book launch

have you submitted a piece of art?
Of course it was due today -
everything always is -
unless it was due last week
and you just plain forgot
because the world passed by
not unlike a freight train in a
sanitised Valentine's commercial

Love is cheap and
fired with coal apparently
But before your glasses steam up-

Of course I'd like to thank you

for turning up
for making my day
(reading this counts)
for mixing with the artists
& joining in the fun
(dress up optional)

Love to see you
6.30 Thurs 14 Feb
151 Muritai Rd
Be my Valentine - I promise there will only be platonic magic and a complete lack of soot.
Thanks everyone :)


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A quick and somewhat cursory look through the poems this week but Keith's "Resilience" caught my eye
 Kathleen Ferber has chosen "Blue Disremembered Hills" by Tim Jones - and my first thought was why? And then I read it again.  Ah that's why.  Some poems just need a little more effort - but they are well worth it. 
I also enjoyed The Awakening River, by Katherine Mansfield posted by Robert Sullivan.  

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  1. Best wishes for a great launch, Alicia.

  2. Good luck for tomorrow Alicia. sounds very well organised and loads of fun. Enjoy it!

  3. Cheers Helen - I'm not sure about well organised - but there should be heaps of cupcakes :)