Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday Poem: Tuesday Fragmented (or Treasure Hunt)

Readers, listeners, fellow poets, I have decided to do a "found" poem with all the other Tuesday poems,it's been constructed over the two nights as poems have come in - I'm half hoping there will be a couple more.

(What I said after the first three lines) ok - I'm pretty sure this is the beginning - but where everything else fits in is going to be a lovely surprise - I might even have to change my choices below a little to try to ensure a cohesive whole.  What fun! 

What I say now:  Um.... I'll be back to visit probably to see if I can tidy a few things...

Tuesday Fragmented: (or Treasure Hunt :)

We’ll bivouac in the wind                                           Chant for the Return Home, by Mary Cresswell
careering magnificently along the harbour’s edge      Morning with my grandmother” by Ingrid Horrocks
one wing askew                                                                                Death of a Bee by Kathleen Jones 
below cadmium sky, in oily air,          The Autistic Cloudboy Visits Auckland Art Gallery by Siobhan Harvey
quick breaths of swooping wonder, multiplied                                                       Budgerigar by P.S. Cottier


for hastily imagined demigods                                                                 This is Not a Drill by Zireaux  
-wrought with golden and silver light,                  Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, by W B Yeats
hung aloft the night                                                                                         Bright Star by John Keats
it's time to                                        Segment of Tuesday communal birthday poem by Mary McCallum

in all this world                                                             The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes, jazz poet

the wet sheep stand blinking                                                                   the intercity by Vivienne Plumb 
upon the grass                                                                                                  Revenant by Tim Jones

A.J. (compilation of Tuesday poems Tue 9 April 2013)
please note - each line is linked to the Tuesday Blog in which it was found.

PS - fellow poets do not despair - so it didn't quite work as well as planned (all those annoying tenses, made my cunning ruse a little less cunning than I'd hoped.)
but just remember...

do not despair,
Tuesday may be tense, torn, fragmented -
but never forgotten.

Tuesday Poem hub
Cheers, everybody and have a wonderful week - and don't click on the feather because it's having technical issues - just click on this link to fly to the Tuesday hub, where a community poem is growing beautifully. 


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  1. It's great Alicia. What a lovely idea. Well done you!

  2. Oh my goodness guys, thanks for all your lovely comments and encouragement - and also thanks for all the lovely emails - esp Janis Freegard who was kind enough to say this form of poetry even has a name, it's a "cento."

    Online defininition: "A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from other authors; only disposed in a new form or order"