Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Invitation to The Party

I have nothing to bring to this party
these arms were not made for
holding, handing, helping

I have nothing to bring to this party
this silk was not made for
donning, dressing, draping,

I have nothing to bring to this party
except glittering jewels on velvet night
and they are not so much some giddy gift as a warning

Not so much glittering night, but gorgeously close on emerald green, image curtesy of http://www.pdphoto.org

have a happy healthy and productive week everyone


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  1. Hi Alicia,
    At last I can get into your comment box...I tried and tried last week...blogger eh. This is a great concept ...very clever. For free photos try this site
    pdphoto.org-run by Jon Sullivan. :-)

    1. Helen - you are so sweet, I know how frustrating blogger can be :/ What a great site - unfortunately nothing exactly what I want for this poem - but I can definitely see myself using some of the amazing pictures :) Sorry I've been so slack with TP these last few weeks and now you (and Penelope) are making me feel so guilty - so must get back to at least trying to follow my fav poets again :)