Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Essay of Meaning

It's strange how these things happen. Wanted to create a blog for the Tuesday Poem group.
No cell phone. No account.
Hang on, I thought. This is crazy.
So for luck I put in my e-mail and my once-favourite password.
Presto. There it was an account - pre made. Obviously knew this day would come.
Cheers for reading. It's going to be about the poetry. Can't bear over analysis. I like simple truths, clear fresh language and occasionally rhyme (bad me).
I may not be part of the Tuesday blog yet, but here's the poem anyway. It's conception was only about 25 years ago. Bout time it was aired.

An Essay of Meaning

Picking the flesh
Eating elegantly
With such forethought

The tempting treat
Screams silently.
Assimilated endlessly
Under the knife.

The molecules mixed
And analysed,
With such strong digestive juices,
are added to --
and thereby diminished.

A..J. Ponder - author page


  1. Welcome to Tuesday Poem - and what a great introduction for us! Startling, effective and clear writing. Thank you.

  2. Welcome Alicia. I agree a simple response to a poem is best, but sometimes the reader wants to understand why a poem has the effect it does and uses language to get there.... inadequate, really, because, as you say in your poem, when you take the thing apart/digest/stab at it etc - you diminish it. Thanks for your poem. Thought provoking.

  3. It occurs to me - you should check out Helen Heath's post and Harvey Molloy's - both related and about getting at the truth...

  4. It's good to see you on here, Alicia - and I enjoyed the poem, which cunningly deflects analysis...

  5. Hi all, cheers for the welcome !

    Mary, I loved the poem of Helen's that Harvey Molloy put up, it was perfect, simple and just brilliant - I believe I complimented the author already :)

    As for deflecting analysis, what me?
    still, it's annoying that after twenty mumble years this poem still feels like there's a lose thread.