Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow White

There is a god
not The God
but worshipped

"...as we bow low
and break our brittle bones
and grind them with our bread
let us give thanks

"As we walk across the sand
as we crawl over the mountain
as we eviscerate the sacrificial lambs
let us give thanks

"As we flagellate our bodies
and fill our minds with sweet opiates
and forgetfulness
let us give thanks..."

Yes, there is a god
wealthy beyond compare
powerful beyond knowing-
so bow
and scrape
and worship
and shun the unbelievers
for your god is mightier than mine
a physical presence
a rod, a cage, a red hot poker
no son, but a soft white daughter
to feed your intoxicated soul

I must be the evil queen
to hate her so,
let me pick up the burning slippers
and dance.

A. J. Ponder 
 All right - was going through a hundred and one poems to try and find some work on Eastbourne - there's surprisingly little in my collection - mostly just the beach poems or complaining that I'm too busy for the beach.  It's quite sad really.   So is the fact that I have a fairy tale portal and still don't have all my fairy tale poems up.  Not that this is so much your traditional Grimm's version, but a little sidestep away from the traditional poison apple.  Think of it, if you will, as a rail against the worship of the artificial prettiness so prevalent in modern tales, after all that is as true as anything else.

...BTW this is my hundredth post.  I'm now an old hand with over 13,000 views, .  It must be almost time for a break :)  My most popular poem is still "Sex Sells" - which does rather prove the aphorism I guess.  Also I'm rather pleased the rather traditional "Stolen Time" has hit the top ten.  I'm hoping this means that others also like the rather deadly romance of fairy-tale poetry, where dancing is not always the harmless occupation one might think - and even songs and sight are dangerous...

A.J. Ponder 

 A.J. Ponder's work is available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, and good Wellington bookstores


  1. Thanks Alicia - lots of great imagery and allusion and a great take on the fairy tale.

    1. Maybe some illusion too :) Cheers, I had fun with this one. And was so happy when you dropped by because when I wrote it I was worried it wouldn't stand alone without explanation.

  2. Thanks Alicia - I'll second the great imagery and allusion and raise the last lines - love them!

    1. Cheers Cattyrox - they're easily my favourite bit too.