Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Somewhere out near the furthest reach
past the spinney of Alpha C
the treasures of earth are
far from the weathered wrecks
tossed out of the briny sea

She dreamed of blues and golden hues
where black's the only colour there is
and turned her face to the sky
somewhere out there
was love -
above was only a lie

And the flag they flew was the
grinning man -
she watched it blow
in the absent breeze
as her voice carried over
the crime

And the world came tumbling down
my friend
and the knaves ran off with the pie
so nobody told you the truth
my love
as they aired you out to die

For treasure will only rust at sea
but never while sailing the sky
silence packed into an airless
and left to lie.

 A J Ponder

A little fun this week - kinda.  Space Pirates, the good and the bad I guess.  I'm hoping everyone is having a good and productive week -

 A.J. Ponder's work is available through Rona Gallery, Amazon, and good Wellington bookstores


  1. I like the space pirates, Alicia! Fun stuff here and there's something about this that relates to the words flying in the air over at the hub too -- though there are admittedly staple over there, too.

    I like the airy feeling here and the underlying stuff hanging in that air.

  2. I really like this one, Alicia - that first couplet sets the tone wonderfully, and I wish I had thought of "the spinney of Alpha C". I'm highly impressed!

  3. Fun! Space pirates are go...:)