Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Partial poem revealed: Bigger Brighter Deader

Bigger Brighter Deader

There was a time when everything was bigger
The world was punctuated by kisses
As the drama of death hung
Like stage curtains over every moment

There was a time when everything was darker
The nights punctuated by smoke and fire
As the smell of death hung
Like grave-flies over every moment...

 A.J.  (partial signature for partial poem ;)

The beginning of this poem - and I have a bit more (but that's still very messy) - is somewhat inspired by my husband insisting on leaving the tv on what we call the "WWII" channel, but for reasons unknown to me, it refers to itself as the history channel. The glorification of war is depressing, the painting of the heroes and villains with moodlight and music, more than overblown, and the reality of war (All the really cool tanks and big guns and people having their heads blown off) is used as some kind of abhorrent infotainment backdrop to the drama of the personalities driving the events. 

So what I'd like to do is take that drama and twist it in on itself.   Make people think about why they are drawn to these moments...

...of course for some more cheery moments, why not visit the short story Dying for the Record, or Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death - despite their down-beat titles, they're far more upbeat!


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  1. An interesting partial poem AJ. And a huge topic...the glorification of war I mean. So many books now use the backdrop of an historic war to add drama to the plot. So it's not just TV. it's a kind of writing tool isn't it. Maybe it says something about the human need to become involved in something huge colouful and dramatic. Look forward to seeing the rest of your poem.