Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Poem: Crashing - oh and randomly...cats

Everything Falls

Everything is bouyant-
until it falls

Every twig and and every branch
even the Great Tree
clutching the entire Earth in its roots
will eventually fall,
crashing to the
swamp below

The birds winging their way
across oceans,
the great divide
are strong
until gravity claims them

Everything rots
even empires
when their slaves
...and fall

A.J. Ponder

Happy Tuesday everybody, cross fingers for us, my son and I are having a little detour to the hospital for a test he's already failed because - well, because doctors are doctors. I'd argue he doesn't need it, hell I already did, but what do I know about medicine? - I can only read scientific papers - and the doctors? - well they haven't even corrected the cortisol chart on this page http://www.labdxtest.com/labdxtest/view/Davis-Lab-and-Diagnostic-Tests/425200/all/cortisol_and_challenge_tests which last time I looked still hadn't corrected (because apparently it's in the texts!).  I mean how hard is it to figure that 10x27.6 does not equal 28?

Maybe my uncle is right, if you have a tricky health problem, you're better off seeing a vet -

No, no - he's definitely a cat.  Been a bit off his food lately...don't worry about the lack of hair, he's a sphynx, Felis humanis sapisphynx to be exact - and yes - I guess he is pretty big for a cat...

Have a great day, poems are everywhere, but it's always worth dropping by the Tuesday poetry Blog for more.

And BTW, anyone else seen "Gravity"? it's everything the hype says it is - including not that great at phsyics - but who cares? ;)


  1. A lovely touch of mysticism and logic all in one...Good luck with the medical tests. :-)

  2. cheers for dropping by - you're awesome - but as for luck. Luck was a right gentleman.
    Ha luck! What's that? The wrong test, at the wrong dose for the wrong length of time. Anyone know any decent vets?