Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Poem Excuses and distracting pirates.

Bartholomew Roberts second flag CC BY-SA 3.0
 This week was one of those weeks where Tuesday creeps up unawares, and while looking for poetry, found myself distracted.

By pirates.

They breached the - I am looking for a poem - defences - by tantalising me with swashbackling poems of antiheroes  that remained forever out of reach. Yes, there are a few cute kiddy poems, but I was in the mood for an epic.

I know they're out there, but google keeps on washing me up on lonely shores. Sometimes if you want something, you just have to write it yourself, I guess. So maybe next week. That'll certainly keep me busy.

Have a great week everybody and I hope you enjoy the poems on the Tuesday Hub,

A.J. Ponder
P.S. ...some distracting piratical info...

Apparently the Dread Pirate Roberts is real. Born John Roberts, it is thought he changed his name to
Bartholomew, after Bartholomew Sharp of, The Dangerous Voyage And Bold Assaults of Captain Bartholomew Sharp and Others,by Basil Ringrose London, 1684.

So (third mate) Bartholomew Roberts, his ship captured by pirates in 1719, took to a life of piracy.   "Since I hath dipp’d my Hands in muddy Water, and must be a Pyrate, it is better being a Commander that a common Man."

Of course he died. He was a pirate, but his name lived on. (Kind of, he is often known as Barti Ddu, or Black Bart, which he was never called during his lifetime)

He is also credited with - "..... a merry life, and a short one."
Which it was by modern standards.

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