Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Poem: A Wolf Ate My Homework

You've heard the story of the three little pigs
who did their homework-
one with straw
one with wood
and one with bricks

But I bet you never heard about their sister

A wolf ate her homework-
three parts nitroglycerin,
one part diatomaceous earth,
wrapped in paper.


This little pig danced about in the sun all day
and piped a tune
and when the teacher asked
did you do your homework?
where is your house?
little pig,
little pig,
what were you doing?
dancing a jig?

The first thing she said was,
"what's wrong with dancing?

and, yes, here's my hoemwork-

-at least what's left of it."

And the teacher held out his hand
and didn't learn anything.

A.J. Ponder

Wishing everyone a fantastic week, there's so many great poems to see on this week's Tuesday hub. Really loved  Lying is an Occupation by Laetitia Pilkington, on Bigger than Ben Hur, something horribly apt as NZ is being plunged into election fever.  Or for more fairytale poetry check out my portal to fairy tale poetry.

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  1. Oh I love the humour and whimsical nature of this! A funny little ditty. I hope you are collecting pig and wolf stories. Would make a fine thing for kids (and adults!). :)