Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Monsters:

Mrs Mo's Monster Paul BeavisFor the Little Monsters:

I had a little monster
as monstrous as can be
I gave it bread and honey
in front of the tv

it grew a bluish colour
with eyes of scarlet red
so I took my little monster
and put it down to bed

I had a little monster
it howled all through the night

To be continued.... hopefully (a little bit stuck!)

Been very busy with The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales PledgeMe and also with the Rona Gallery opening - doing things like organising newsletters and promotion for the re-opening of Rona Gallery. Looking forward to Gino Acevedo opening the evening, his art is pretty amazing - and also pretty monstrous, which totally fits today's monster theme! :)

Have fun and check out the other offerings at The Tuesday Poem, I wish I had the time...soon though...And really looking forward to it. :)


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