Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Missed it by "that" much

Life is what happens when other things get in the way. Other things get in the way when life happens? At least that's what happened this week - so I missed my self-imposed deadline

There's a poem that's been "nearly finished" for two weeks now, that I'm keen to post. But it's in no mood to appear this week, so instead of a poem, maybe I can send you to all the things I've been busy doing instead of poetry...

I'm an occasional contributor to

Have been very busy writing material for

Advertising the Rona Gallery Sale and Under A Thousand Art Exhibition

I even put a couple of posts on my facebook Author page (most unusual)

So that's basically it - apart from writing horror and fairy tales - it's becoming my thing :)

Have a fantastic week and why not check out some wonderful NZ poems at the Tuesday Poem hub? Let's hope they're having a more productive poetical week than I am...


1 comment:

  1. Go you, Alicia!

    But why not feature your w.i.p. stanza by stanza? Tantalise us, week by week... :)