Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Globalism vs Corporatism

We are
the people of this world

We could
join together

To gain
basic Human Rights

We can't survive
without clean Food and Water

We shouldn't have to fight
for health and happiness

The globalization of human rights
should be our goal

But the corporate lie
pulls us apart

Makes us fight over the scraps
of their bloated table
They pay the corrupt
to distract us

They pay the corrupt
to make laws against us

They pay the corrupt
to rule over us

They say we're too small to change the world
but we must

One human at a time
one step at a time

We must think globally, act globally,
because the corporates are already global

We must fight globally and stand globally
because one,
by one,
the corporates would have us

A.J. Ponder

By using the word "globalization" to mean "corporate globalization" the very corporations it is meant to implicate have managed to steer the conversation and scare us into fighting against the very people we should be supporting. It's designed to prevent us from thinking about how to make the world a better place, and instead focus on scapegoating the victims of the oppressors whose greed has turned our world inside out, in search for oil, in search of gold, in search of power. But we can do something about it. We can join grassroots organisations (organizations if you're American) that promote #HumanRights,  #democracy, and the environment.
And the message for today is "Democracy is not a spectator sport - tag you're it." From, (of all places) The Big Picture RT.   Not that I'd recommend them as a news source, given the Russian connection. If you're going to get your news from only one place I'd suggest Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, specifically The War and Peace Report.

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