Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"Impeachable" parody based on Nat King Cole Unforgettable

Impeachable, that's what you are

Impeachable, ask your Russian tzar
Just know the details do ring true for me
Even the thought of you is sick for me
You should know, there’s never been someone more

Impeachable, in every way
Impeachable, why won’t you walk away?
you’re so evil, so jailable - why are you so unreachable
This moment's surely teachable, it's unbelievable -
when the facts say you’re impeachable, you

Impeachable, that’s how you’ll stay
Unless you step down, the price we’ll pay-
will be uncountable, the lives unlivable
That’s why you, a snake like you, it’s incredible
Your buddies haven’t discovered - you’re impeachable, too

A bit of stupid fun - because the word "impeachable" just seemed to synch with "unforgettable" it seems I'm not the only one, there are a few versions up - or at least one - which I will now check out - I didn't even want to look before I wrote it. 
Have a fun week 

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